Happy 2020!!

As we close what has been an eye opening  2019 for me and welcome with open arms 2020, I couldn't help but recap on the year at end.

After nervously coming out with suffering from anxiety and depression to family and friends, I couldn't ask for a more welcoming and understanding from them even if i asked.

This has allowed me to face my own personal challenges with support from my dearest whist pushing forward with MENTFITTZ  allowing  me to give back to those the same support I had when I needed it the most. 

With countless "down and anxious days" I still managed to see the positive in things, stay in work, be a great loving father and plan for myself and families future for 2020 and beyond, but how I hear you ask? with the power of belief.


You see, everything in life is about belief regardless of what anyone else says negatively.


If you believe you can do or be something you want to then start putting the wheels into motion and work towards it.


With determination, you will get there  in the end.


Sure it may be a challenge, but strive of that very same challenge to achieve.


Make  2020 a great year for you.


Remember to never give up.




© 2023 by Aron Adams

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