MentFittz The Story


My story  began in the summer of 2010,strange feelings of fear, sweating for no apparent reason and even intrusive thoughts.

Suddenly, my whole life was fear related, I couldn't even leave the house without that feeling of anxiety or "Butterflies " in the stomach.


It got to the point that certain everyday situations people take for granted such as a walk to the local shops was avoided, just to avoid the feelings of anxiety or the thoughts that something bad would happen to me if I went.


It took me many years to realise the more I avoided these places and situations, the more intrusive and intense my feelings of fear and thoughts actually became.


Fast forward to 2016 and being told to "get some rest" by my Doctor upon visiting them for my anxiety, along with being a passionate and keen Martial Artist since 2001, I decided to create MENTFITTZ.


I noticed that if I "challenged " myself to complete an exercise drill, by placing my mind in an alternative but positive place, I was able complete the drill a lot more easier, even though my thoughts was sending out false signals telling me I was unable to complete the drill knowing deep down, I could as I completed those very same drills the day before.


I soon started to create positive thinking scenarios attaching them to every exercise drill I did which related to a counter of a fear or intrusive thought I have experienced, quickly noticing that I was actually building the confidence I needed to overcome these thoughts or feelings in the real world through exercise alone.


Along with 1 2 1 MENTFITTZ courses, an entire Instructors course has been written for physical activity and fitness professionals alike, which will enable the end user to also pass on these keys skills to their own clients, improving Mental health and well-being in the process.


These days I now have the freedom of my own mind, and live how I want to live