MentFittz the DVD programme



MENTFITTZ the home workout programme


MENTFITTZ, a behaviour, well being and fitness programme from home designed for those suffering from anxiety or depression.


Understand, relate to and manage your own anxiety and depression from the comfort of your own home whist getting a fantastic workout at the same time!


Running time APX 112 mins

Format- DVD

Usage- for single home use only


MENTFITTZ workout APX 27 mins

MENTFITTZ  discusses Well being

MENTFITTZ discusses Anxiety

MENTFITTZ discusses Depression


MENTFITTZ additional workout


***MENTFITTZ must not be used as a substitute for seeking advice/treatment for MENTAL HEALTH conditions.

Always seek professional medical advice




MENTFITTZ for Universities and the workplace

With obesity and Mental health a major crisis in today's younger and older generation, why not bring this fun, energetic educational and behaviour changing  workout system to your University, College, School, Hospital or Well being centres alike with our Theatre style screenings


Get the team, students or staff all together under one roof with this fantastic workout and discussion on anxiety and depression whilst helping to end the long standing stigma associated with Mental health.


With this fully instructional programme sent to you on a 16GB  USB  stick leaves you free to screen the programme when and where you like to as many people as possible!


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