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MENTFITTZ and its owner Aron Adams take your privacy and protection of your personal information seriously.


We collect, store and process non identifying information  and sometimes identifying personal information strictly relevant to the service or programme purchase you have requested from us.


Rest assured, your information whether non identifying or identifying is stored on a highly secured platform with regular security  reviews.


Please be advised that in group chats any personal information given will be seen by other members of the group chat which can be up to 40 people online at one time.

Any links to third party sites and its risks such as viruses are at your own discretion. Any personal identifying information given to MENTFITTZ for the purpose of Jobs will be passed to the relevant company with whom your initially job enquiry is with.

MENTFITTZ does not save or store personal information other than for the purpose for communication and such information is securely deleted after 21 days from initial communication unless there is a legitimate interest to hold onto this information longer such as a contract or continuous partnership or alike. 


Some of the information you provide directly or indirectly allows us to recognise your site usage and any trends which allows us to sometimes tailor your user experience on our Website


From time to time and as a valued customer, we may send  special offers and promotions to you before the general public.


This information/promotion is strictly relevant to the Mentfittz brand or any other endorsed fitness or Mental Health programme by Mentfittz and based on your initial enquiry we feel may be of interest to you.


If you are happy to receive this information/promotion as they arise, please opt in by emailing "info" to


Calls to the MENTFITTZ mobile number listed on this site may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.


All correspondence including recorded phone calls, mail or emails may be kept securely for a period of up to 60 days after your initial enquiry to MENTFITTZ after in which will be securley deleted.


As a client or potential client of MENTFITTZ, you have a legal right to know what information we hold about you, a right to erasure/modify/transfer and reject this information we hold.

Please contact us with any request you may have at Your request will be acknowledged within two days and actioned within 30.


The information we may store and collect about you includes your name, location and email or mobile number if this was provided throughout our correspondence.


Should you contact us with any enquires whether by phone, or email, we will respond by requesting any of your correspondence provided to be processed on the voicemail/phone recording system or email server/platform in a way which will allow us to respond to such correspondence.


Should you not be happy with our response and wish to take this further, please contact the ICO, an independent organisation who oversee the use of personal information by visiting their website at


Your personal information will never be sold or passed on to any third party with the only exception being our trusted payment processor with the sole purpose of processing your payment on an alternative website pop up page.


Some of our products or services are available via a third party site which is linked via the MENTFITTZ website.


Please ensure you are happy, and read all the relevant terms, conditions , privacy statements and cookies BEFORE proceeding with any orders from any third party site.


Please be advised, our processors  policy may differ and we recommend you read these before placing your order.


Should you wish to find out what information we hold about you, please contact us at :


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Please be advised, the MENTFITTZ workout programme is for Great Britain use only. Outside Great Britain? please contact us for further info



Please read these Terms and Conditions BEFORE placing an order for a MENTFITTZ product or service.

By proceeding with an order is considered an agreement and acceptance of the below Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions

***MENTFITTZ must NOT be used as a substitute for Mental health treatment, advice or diagnosis.

Always seek professional medical advice regarding Mental health conditions


The fitness part of this programme is a high energetic workout programme.

Do ensure you are physically capable of withstanding such a workout BEFORE particpating.

Always seek professional medical advice with any concerns before participating in such a programme.


MENTFITTZ may not be suitable for everyone.


MENTFITTZ is based on the personal experience and accounts of Aron Adams and must be used for referencing purposes only


Do ensure  you are happy with the description and preview before placing an order?


Your statutory rights are not affected


It is the aim of MENTFITTZ to provide high quality and value for money products. If you feel we are not  meeting this commitment, please contact us at your earliest


MENTFITTZ is based on the personal journey of Aron Adams, accounts and lived experience of anxiety and depression. Due to the honest and open non pre scripted content of this programme,  error free and accuracy cannot be guaranteed


MENTFITTZ has teamed up with various Affiliate partners who meet the core values and beliefs of the brand in which their products and services we recommend for wellbeing.

MENTFITTZ is totally independent of each business and may receive a commission for links clicked off this site to the respected third party.

You are advised to do your own research of any of the products or services you take up.

Please be advised, each company will have their own Privacy, Cookie and Terms policy which we strongly advised you read before taking up any products or services as MENTFITTZ cannot accept any responsibility for any dissatisfaction from these Affiliate partners you may have.